Do Christians Celebrate Passover? Why Not?

Here’s a simple answer to the number one objection to Christians and Passover.

Hi, I recorded this little video to remind my Christian friends to celebrate Passover.

I often hear, “But I’m not Jewish.”

The Bible calls them God’s feasts and… Are you so sure you don’t have any Jewishness in you?

You must ask yourself why you fight against the concept of taking part in anything Jewish. I explain in this short video a simple concept. In this way, one could identify as Jewish, if that was necessary in order to enjoy the Holiday.

christian passover

Check out my book for more concepts on how Christians treat Judaism and Jews. Here’s a direct link to that book. Thanks for watching.

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Have you ever celebrated Passover? What do you think about it?

Be blessed and keep smiling.

2 thoughts on “Do Christians Celebrate Passover? Why Not?

  1. I loved Am I Jewish. Very in depth & insightful. I do consider myself Jewish!
    Thank you Paul for your books, blogs, and numerous questions I hit you with that you always answer so helpful & willingly.


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