Vacation Books Update

How did I do on reading the vacation books?

Here’s a little video round up of the books I read over vacation. This is an update on last weeks introduction of those books. However there is a surprise involved.

Have you ever finished all your plans for reading on your vacation? For me the mark of a good vacation is that I did not finish the books that I brought with me. I did finish two books. One of them was an audio book by Greg Laurie about the life of Steve McQueen. I totally recommend that book and I totally recommend the hardback book that I finished which is “High-Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard.

This book was unique in that it has a really nice summary section at the end. I think that’s insurance to keep it on the shelf. Don’t have to read the whole book again just refer to the summary section. Thank you Brendon.

I love talking about books.

I intend to do that more on this blog. I would love for you to share with me your most amazing books.

I would love for you, if you are an author, to share your book (which should be amazing as well) with us.

Leave a short list of your latest favorite books in the comment section below.

And look for my special “Counting the Omer Guide. You will be able to download it and have a daily devotion leading up to Pentecost.

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