What Is One Book I Wish Everyone Would Read?

That book is “Constantine’s Sword” by James Carroll.

Do you remember the country group Restless Heart. They were awesome – yet appreciated by too few. However, they recorded a song that went like this, “I want everyone who hears this song to cry.” Well, I don’t really wish for you to cry but I don’t see how you can’t after you read this book.

constantine's sword

I sure wish that Christians would understand our heritage?

Why do I say that? Well I’m going to have to talk about our Jewish heritage. And James Carroll, in this book gives a thoroughly researched, very detailed account of what happened from the time of Jesus until now regarding Christians and the Jews.

Christians usually define Jewish theology without even knowing it.

My personal belief is that we often verbalize this construct in our evangelism efforts in order to sound “superior.” I hear it in sermons all the time, this narrative that the Jews believed such and such, but “we” have a relationship. 

I urge you to read this book. You’ll learn a lot of what you did not know. Perhaps, as in my case, you will unlearn what you thought you knew. You will not find a more thorough description of what Christians have done to Israel anywhere.

You will be shocked at the lengths that people have gone to deride the Jewish people, even in the name of Christianity. You may be surprised that it often didn’t matter if the Jewish person was a believer in Jesus or not, he still received this abuse.

The plain fact is that for most of A.D. history, people proclaiming to be Christians have oppressed and mistreated a person for merely being a Jew. That’s a person that Jesus loves – just the person for whom he came for.

That’s just history. Are there bright spots? Are there heroes in the story? Sure. But even as many Christians speak today of Jewish people, there is a flavor of Antisemitism in their breath. I know because I have this conversation on a weekly basis. I hear it from Christian after Christian. And while the malicious words are fresh in the air, they most often deny that they are at all Antisemitic.

I’ve stated this in my book: much of what we accept or reject depends on whether it is “Jewish” or not. How can we gloss over that Jesus (Yeshua) was Jewish and came for the lost sheep of Israel? If we are rejecting a Jewish Savior, how do we claim to know Him? Or truly love Him? Why are we not like Ruth” “Your people are my people?”

Here’s Basically the Deal: Seek to understand your Jewish heritage before you reject it.

Are you open to reading this? Are you teachable? Are you ready for your heart to break for Jesus’ heritage?

Make it your plan to finish this book within the next month. I’m telling you, your life will not be the same. There will be a link on the YouTube description. There will be a link here on my blog.

Earnings disclaimer: I am an Amazon affiliate, which means if you purchase this book through Amazon, I may receive a commission. 

That is one tiny way you can support me and my ministry to reach prisoners with transformational Gospel truth and help pastors with their video outreach.

This is a book I am sure I could not write. It is just so good. It is not a quick read. It could never be if it would cover 2000 years of history.

So give yourself some time but commit to diving in and understanding the heritage that you came from and to understand the heritage that you cling to.

Hey be a part of the virtual book club, of sorts, and when you are finished with this book please comment below and let me know what you thought. Let me know what you got out of this important book “Constantine’s Sword” by James Carroll.

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