Do you know God’s actual Name?

Many people don’t really think about the fact that God has a name.

Here is my latest episode of Torah Tuesday. This is an installment of Hack My KJV.

In this segment I show you yet another simple and harmless hack that will improve your King James Bible experience.

This trick will be handy for readers of many other versions as well.

Do you experience a little difficulty in reading the KJV Bible?

Well, there are a few things you can do with a pen or pencil that will restore the connection that may have been previously split. Grab your pen or pencil and get ready to make your KJV Bible a little more useful.

Hats off to the W.E.B. World English Bible for already printing Bibles with God’s name restored rather than masked.

Do you know the one true God’s Name? Visit the Paul Bass channel on YouTube for this video and more.

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