Jesus in the Old Testament Part 2 – Torah Tuesday

Today we are going to go into another exercise for bringing out the name of our savior.

As we mentioned in the last episode, Jesus is throughout all of scripture. He didn’t just appear in a Manger, and things carried on from there. He has been there all along. He was there at the creation of the Earth. We know that from John 1.

Lately I have noticed how frequent he is seen throughout the Old Testament. Again, this can be a hack for just about any version of the Bible. So, over and over we see the term “God’s right hand.” Of course, we often use that term often “right hand” when we speak of someone who is very useful. We say “oh she’s my right hand.”

But when we see the words of Yahweh himself, we notice that the right hand of the Almighty is personified.

So I decided as I read through the Old Testament, every time I see the term right hand as referring to the right hand of Yahweh, I grab the pencil. And right there in the margin, or on top, or underneath, I right the word Yeshua which is Jesus.

So boom! There we have it, another hack for our KJV, which will simply make the name of Jesus pop out a little more.

I hope this helps. I know it helps me as I study his Word.

What other hacks have you implemented into your daily Scripture reading?

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