Torah Tuesday – The Name Of GOD in Scripture.

Have you seen all the really good resources about the names of God and the meanings?

Welcome to another Hack my KJV edition of Torah Tuesday.


A few weeks ago I showed you how to restore God’s actual name as you see the capital letters “LORD.”

Did you know that in certain places the Bible translators used the word GOD instead of LORD. Why?

Well, in some instances, the Hebrew word Adonai ( which can really be translated as Lord in English) precedes his name YHWH. So what WOULD you do here? You would have Lord LORD. This one really exposes the reality of the title vs the Name. Very simply one is keepa title and one is a name.

So, what they did here was render Adonai as Lord and His Name YHWH as GOD, instead of going with “Lord LORD.” So in Ezekiel, in several spots, we have “Lord GOD.”

So, grab that pencil and when you see the all capitals GOD, write in YHWH for the real name revealed right there in your KJV (or NIV or whatever).

Now, thou hast hacked thy KJV once more for a more clear picture of the Word.

Thank you for reading and watching Torah Tuesday, a fun way to open up blessings that have been forgotten for centuries.

Join me weekly at and comment and share these short little messages with your friends.

Be blessed and keep smiling.

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