Are Tassels Indeed Hassles? Torah Tuesday Video

Today I have a challenge for you.

Have you ever seen the old-time illustration of people tying a string to their finger as a little reminder? I know, I used to do the “write on the palm of my hand” kind of reminders.

Today for Torah Tuesday I’m going to talk about a very simple reminder that God has given his people.

Numbers chapter 15, verse 38-40 says “Address the people of Israel and tell them to attach tassels to the hems of their clothes throughout their successive Generations. Fasten the tassels to the Hem with a blue thread. You are to have the tassel, so that when it catches your eye you may remember all you always commands and observe them and may not wander after your heart’s inclinations and after your eyes… Being thus reminded of all my commands, you will be able to observe them…”

Modern Language Translation

Tassels are not hassles.

A few years back I came across this verse remembering that Jesus was wearing them, these tassels, when the woman who had been suffering from bleeding came to him. As you will likely recall, as a woman through faith touched The Fringe or tassel of His Garment and received healing. Now, I think there is a huge sermon to be had here. However, I am simply reminding you of these little reminders.

In Hebrew they are called tsit tsit.

At this time, I did not know anyone who wore tassels woven with blue in them. I talk to my clothing advisers who are my daughters. And very shortly I had my first set of Tassels woven with blue. I began to wear them on a regular basis by simply connecting them to four different belt loops.

Anytime you do something brand new if you’re like me you feel like you’re in junior high again. Well, that fear of being made fun of has only manifested itself one time by a coworker at a large Christian organization.

For the most part, people haven’t reacted at all. I can say however, that one person in a very tiny town in Tennessee was greatly encouraged when she saw the tassels. After that, there were moments of ministry that would never have happened. There have been a couple occasions for sharing the word of God with people.

I must say, that the purpose of the tassels is expressed in the Bible as a device for remembering. In other words, this is a “between me and God” kind of thing. Do you remember the what would Jesus do bracelets?

That was a great movement where that little band of plastic or string would become a reminder to live as Jesus did.

Well, here’s my “what would Jesus wear tassel.” After all he did wear them and they were useful in ministry as well. But, essentially they are my reminder to follow after the instructions, Torah, I’ve got. And that scripture says that it is something that will continue throughout the generations.

Now I don’t condemn you if you don’t wear tsit tsit, tassels. I am simply making this video and blog post to challenge you to try it out. Hey, how many times have we shared a diet plan with our friends or a good album, which is that thing that music used to play on? But I don’t know what you call it now, so a good collection of Music perhaps or a good movie. Well this is me sharing with you my little hack for reminding myself that I am chosen. Reminding myself that I am favored. Reminding myself that I will be With My Savior forever and I will follow him today while I walk this Earth.

So if you feel impressed, give it a try. What do you have to lose? Maybe you say well I don’t know how to make one.

Do you know how to braid?

Simply take some white thread or string and braid it with a blue string. In most cases people make a loop at the top this makes it easy to apply to your clothing.

Sure, there are ways that people have done this for centuries that include teaching tools such as wrapping it around a certain amount of times to represent certain letters in the name of God, but those are all personal traditions that you can choose to learn if you want. But I wouldn’t get too caught up in that. I think its best to simply look at what the scripture says.

If you are sincerely interested and you would like a little bit more instructions on how we have made them, feel free to comment below and send me your contact information. Hey, how cool would it be to see pics of your tassels? We will send you a short tutorial on braiding these things if you would like. There are numerous youtube vids with little DIY walk-throughs. I would love to see what people encounter when you try this for say 21 days.

Have you ever come across the scriptures and thought why don’t people do this anymore? I think often we dismiss certain things in the Bible because we simply don’t see people doing them anymore. To be a little bit on the Frank side, I think that it’s time to shake things up in the world of the Christian.

That’s not to say that this would be a real shaker of an event but I leave this challenge with you on this Tuesday. If you choose to accept the challenge, your computer will not self destruct. Its possible that not much will happen, but each morning when you get dressed, you’ll think “What would Jesus do?”

Are you in for the challenge? If so, let me know. Comment below with the date that you are going to try this.

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