The Feasts Of God – Do You Like A Good Picnic?

Do you like going to picnics?

Have you ever said no to a good meal? Have you ever been in school and been held back from phys-ed or recessed as some call it? 

Here is a video I made for you on the subject. Share this with anyone you know who has been wondering about these holidays.

I believe that most Disciples of Jesus are holding themselves back from some amazing times of Celebration. 

I’m talking about the Feasts of God, or the festivals of Yahweh. Passover, Unleavened Bread, Etc. Most of us call these Jewish holidays. And it is true that the Jewish people for many centuries have been keeping these times. Much can be learned by observing the rich celebrations that Jewish people enjoy during the biblical holidays. 

But, the Bible doesn’t call them “Jewish holidays.” The Bible calls them God’s Holidays. They are appointed times, or festivals of Yahweh. Being that they are His celebrations, and we are His people, wouldn’t it be great if we could Re-Discover the beauty in these celebrations? 

As for me and my house we have decided to partake in this inheritance, and to consider them as “our gifts” through our Savior Jesus / Yeshua.

  • Numbers 29 verse 12 calls this Feast of Tabernacles “the Festival of Yahweh.”
  •  Leviticus 23:1 says “appointed times of Yahweh.”
  •  Verse 3, “Sabbath of Yahweh.”
  •  Verse 6, “Yahweh’s Feast of Unleavened Bread.”
  •  Verse 21 says, “for all times throughout the ages.”
  •  Verse 33 says, “Feast of Tabernacles to Yahweh.”
  •  Verse 37 states, “appointed times of Yahweh.”
  •  Going full circle on our list of scriptures here, verse 39 is referring to tabernacle. Verse 39 says, “festival of Yahweh.” 

I have noticed that throughout recorded Biblical history, God has operated under a framework of time. And He has set up these appointed times as an awesome tool for learning, among other benefits. For example, we can learn about the confusing parts of prophetic scriptures by adding in some celebrations of these Feasts. Our family, by doing just this, have gained a fuller understanding of our inherited future and the past. What do ya say? Are you up for a little party?

Perhaps you have the question bouncing around in your head, “What if we were to start celebrating these holidays? How would we begin?” 

Well, there are a lot of resources on celebrating God’s appointed times. You could buy a book or two. There are a few really good ones. However, how about you keep it simple? That is what I would recommend. I would recommend picking up the scriptures and seeing what they say about these special days. What do they say about the history? What do they say about the observance of these days?. How did the people of Biblical times celebrate them?

 I think you will notice that the instructions are rather simple. 

Side note: Don’t get hung up with the sacrifices. That’s another episode. Keep in mind the Savior was hung for us. We can offer our sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving continually. 

Overall, you will see that it is basic. We tend to overcomplicate things from time to time. I think many people look at Grand celebrations and say oh boy I can’t do that. So if you want to learn from the vast history of celebrating the biblical feast oh, that’s cool, but begin somewhere.  I think this is something you and your family would enjoy.

Have you ever celebrated a Biblical Feast of Yahweh? Which ones? 

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