Angry Birds – Guilty Laughs?

Making a bird movie out of nothing.

Happy Whatever Day. 

How did they pitch (no pun intended) that one? 

My girls and I went to see the new Angry Birds 2 movie. Oh my! Did we laugh! It amazes me how they come up with such a funny movie from very little material.

“OK, you have birds – and pigs. The birds get catapulted and slung into stuff….” (Crickets)

But it works. Yes, there are guilty laughs. Potty talk – literally another peeing scene involving a bird, well, peeing. And you will not be able to hold back the… um, laughter. (unless, of course, I just ruined the element of surprise and you are determined not to laugh)

Stan Kmet and I are now broadcasting a little show on TV called “Basically The Deal On Movies.” We have some fun and get a little serious as we discuss movies and their effect on families. Here’s the latest where I talk about the film about flinging birds.

Watch Basically The Deal Here

Be blessed, and keep smiling. 

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