5 Best Movies To Watch During Sukkot

Enjoy these Movie Monday recommendations and let me know if I am a movie genius.

Today is the first day of Sukkot. That is the Feast of Tabernacles which is a prophetic shadow of the day to come in which the chosen ones (those who are in Messiah’s Kingdom) will enter into a banquet with our Savior. It is a remembrance of the children of Israel who lived in booths in the wilderness for 40 years.

Let’s have fun with this. Let me know what you think of these screen gems.

  1. Red Dawn – (1984) Why? Because it wins on two fronts. Our high school heroes have a bit of living outside for a while as they rebel against the meanies who have just come to take over the USA. So – campout. But here we go on reason number two. Powers Boothe. Boom! the feast of Booths you get to watch an actor named Boothe. Plus he passed away a couple years ago, so we can pay tribute to Boothe and Mr. Swayze before his dancing in Lake Lure.
  2. Plymouth Adventure – (1952) Hey, this is the story of the Pilgrims and their famous feast. Many don’t know that they were keepers of the Biblical feast of Tabernacles with it’s harvest celebrations. They didn’t do their thing in November. That got moved. If you know anything of the lead actor, Spencer Tracy’s life, you may be moved that he continued to work and show up, even though he struggled for decades with alcoholism.
  3. The Star of Bethlehem – (2007) Hey, it’s never too early to celebrate the birth of the Savior, especially when you wouldn’t be too early at all. The time of the year in which His advent occurred was actually the fsll. It could have been in the time of Sukkot. When we look at a manger scene, it is awfully close to looking at a sukkot. The King of glory came down in a temporary dwelling of skin, and arrived in a temporary home to save us from the corruption of this temporary home of ours. Happy Sukkot! You get your carols early.
  4. The Grapes Of Wrath – (1940) Henry Fonda gives it his all in this film version of the Steinbeck novel. When I think of the desperate wandering families traveling in the dry and dusty desert, I picture the children of Israel traveling through in the wilderness, not knowing where the next meal will come from.
  5. Defiance – (2008) I love this film. I have to recommend, but not for kids. It i violent and graphic in some of the depiction of conflict. Daniel Craig stars in this true story about an ever increasing number of freedom fighters who live in the forest as they avoid capture from Nazi capture. They move when they have to and set up a new temporary spot. They scrap and fight when necessary, even though they are not all trained in warfare. This true story will end up moving you to anger at times. I believe this is one that is worth a tear or twenty.

Let me know what your suggestions would be for watching during the Feast of Sukkot. Hey, as a bonus, search lego sukkot video. There is a hilarious one out there. And it’s done very well.

I post the new Movie Monday series as a short Podcast under the Title Basically The Deal On Movies. In addition to talking about this article, I will be reviewing the new movie “Judy.” Talk about a treat. An emotional one.

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