About Me

Paul Bass – Discover How To Be Happy Again

I am a writer, helping people discover lost blessings and heritage that have been forgotten for centuries.

I am a cartoonist, creating humorous books and t-shirts that inspire and teach.

I am a producer, developing entertaining and enlightening short films.

I am a multi-media consultant/coach, helping pastors reach the nations using video.

I am also a whole bunch of things such as a family man, prison pastor, trail runner, gum-sculptor, eater of meat, fan of dogs, and one who lives true to his name and feels at home in the water.

I have, through the power of my Maker, overcome cancer, depression, ADD, and oodles of heartbreak. I have found that parts of the ancient instructions that most (even Christians) have brushed away, or actually hidden, have immense bearing on our happiness.

Paul Bass

It is hard to niche down what I do. But I keep doing what I love. In the near future, I will list some past projects to give you an idea of how I can help you. Thanks for reading. You are welcome to comment on any of my posts. I love hearing the insight from my readers.

Be blessed and keep smiling.

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